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I am a spiritual seeker. I grew up in Merritt Island, Florida to Catholic parents. My parents were very open to spirits and had several spiritual encounters of their own.  I always loved a good ghost story and since I was an avid reader, that’s how I discovered books written by famous paranormal investigators, such as Ed and Lorraine Warren.  It was then that my lifelong fascination with paranormal took off.  This was the first time I realized ghost hunting was actually a "thing".


In later years I sought to learn all I could about different religions but still felt I lacked the answers I was seeking until I started studying about spirituality. I also became an active member of a paranormal research team and finally that helped me to put the two interests together into one larger field of study.


It is no coincidence that I am with Orlandeaux Paranormal.  I firmly believe the Universe brought me to it.  I first met Barb in 2006 when I was assigned as her paralegal when we were both working for the state of Florida.   During that time, we did not discuss our interest in the paranormal.  Our paths went separate ways and we eventually lost touch.   Then in 2013, I signed up for a ghost tour in Sanford.  Barb and Ray were there and it was an instant connection between us all.  We were destined to do this together. When Barb and I are together on an investigation, our energies sync and our mediumship abilities are magnified. We find ourselves finishing each other’s sentences to relay spirit messages.


There is always more to learn when it comes to religion and spiritual topics. I read, take classes, and am constantly trying to develop my own abilities. Join my journey and we’ll learn together.

Paranormal Investigator & Sensitive

Donna Naikus

Learning about Paranormal Phenomena and sharing my knowledge is a true passion of mine.

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