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Trail Camera

IMG_0461 - Copy
IMG_0462 - Copy
IMG_0463 - Copy
IMG_0464 - Copy
IMG_0465 - Copy

On a farm near Brooksville Florida on May 4th 2016 the following pictures were captured by the owner of the property. The camera was set to burst mode which means that once triggered it will take 5 quick pictures until triggered again. Seen above are all 5 pictures.


Notice how the beast appears to turn into a wolf like creature in picture number 3, but in picture number 4 it is now hiding in the brush and looks alien. Picture number 5 is the last from the camera and shows that the creature has vanished. The actual time stamp of when each photograph was taken by the camera can be seen at the top of each picture. The last two pictures are our attempts to zoom in or magnify the subject. Another interesting observation is the beam of light that can be seen in picture number 2. This streak of light only appears in one photograph and interesting enough, is directly above where the creature ends up and later vanishes in subsequent pictures.


Tech notes: The trail camera is a Reconyx High Output model RC60 1080DP HD Rapid Fire Covert IR that the farmer has had in use since 2010.

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