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Moon River Brewing Company Investigation with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers

A few of our team members had the pleasure of investigating the Moon River Brewing Company, in Savannah, Georgia, with Chris and Doogie from the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, known from their TV series, Ghost Asylum.

The building was built in 1821 as was the town’s first hotel and post office and eventually became a hospital which treated patients with yellow fever, mostly children. The building was vacant for many years until the 1990s when it was renovated into the Moon River Brewing Company.

During the investigation, we captured voices of spirits on an EVP, saw shadow people and even empathically felt the fear and anguish of spirits that haunt the building. The final session in the catacombs was the most impressive. There was the sound of a child’s footsteps running above us despite no one being on that floor. The amazing part occurred when the organizer of the event, Chad, requested the entity to repeat the running and it occurred over and over again multiple times.

We really appreciated the opportunity to meet them and participate in the investigation. It was off the charts!

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